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Kennedale Note Buyers

Alamo Note Buyers is a company from Texas, for Texas. If you are interested in selling a note secured by real estate anywhere in the state of Texas then we are here to help you. Don’t let delinquent payments delay you from calling, our services are personalized for each buyer because we know that each situation is different. We work hard to make sure you get the cash you deserve fast!

Best of all, we do all the work!

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Get us copies of any documents you have, the property address, and any other pertinent information regarding the note.
note buyers
We gather any additional information we need to make you a fair offer.
note buyers
The closing takes place in your town, on your time. (Using a mobile notary) You’re paid right then and there!


“We understand every situation is different. We will work through any obstacle to buy your note and get you paid cash fast!”


Often we can locate missing paperwork at the courthouse or re-establish lost documents.
This is a common occurrence with notes. We have systems in place to make sure it doesn’t slow us down.
We regularly buy notes where a property owner has stopped making regular payments. Don’t worry, your note still has value.


There is rarely an issue that can stop us. We work closely with title attorneys and regularly buy notes that larger companies are unable to close.

note buyers

Have question call us now at 210-401-9300


If you want us to contact you with an offer to buy your note, submit the form below or call us.


Before Anglo settlement, several Native American tribes hunted and fished along Village Creek near the present site of Kennedale, Texas. The Village Creek tribes and the Republic of Texas signed a treaty in 1843, and settlers began moving into the area, which was home to a natural mineral well. To attract a rail line to the community, local land owners donated land to the railroad, encouraging growth throughout the 19th century. A central business district developed near the mineral well, with a train depot, hotel, general merchandise store, drug store, bank, post office, lumber company, and blacksmith. Kennedale had a public school by 1890 and formed a school district in 1909. The area surrounding the town consisted largely of farms, and the town maintained a rural character well into the 20th century. State Highway 34 was built through the town around 1932, and business activity gradually migrated to this roadway, now know as Kennedale Parkway. In the second half of the 20th century, the city became more suburban. The city’s population and local enonomy have continued to grow into the 21st century. Mortgage and loan buyers in Kennedale have seen steady growth as well. As a local Texas business, Alamo Note Buyers offers a superior understanding of State laws, to get you through the process of selling your note faster than anyone else!
We help Texas note sellers turn their problems into cash, even with late payers, non payers, and missing paperwork!
Let’s Go Bulldogs!
And Remember the Alamo Note Buyers!

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Tarrant County Appraisal District

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