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There are various reasons for selling your mineral and royalty interests, such as capital gains taxes, immediate cash pay out, assets depreciation, property taxes, fluctuation in monthly payments due to the economy, and–most importantly–uncertainty. As an experienced mineral and royalty buyer, we handle all paperwork and filing, there are no fees or costs, all expenses are covered, and we’ll even buy all or part of your oil and gas mineral rights or royalties.Our service is strictly personal, one-on-one, and confidential. You will deal directly with the owner of our company, John Hernden.If you or someone you know is interested in selling their property, call us at 210-300-4000

  1. Call or fill out the Contact Us Form below and let us know what you’re interested in selling and how you want to be contacted.
  1. Send us any documentation you have, and then we will work together to decide how to proceed.
  1. Let us know what your expectations are, and we’ll tell you if we can live up to them. We want to make sure that we’re the right fit for you. If we’re both comfortable, we will do the due diligence and come up with an offer.
  1. If we both agree on the price, we will send out a sales contract and complete any necessary title work.
  1. We will draw up a Deed or any necessary assignments, along with all other documents needed to close the sale.
  1. We close. This can be done at a bank, but most often is completed in your hometown with a local agent or attorney who we have hired at no expense to you.
  1. You get paid. There is no need to wait for a draft to clear the bank. Our closing agent will hand you a bank check or certified funds right then and there.

Working through this process with a big impersonal company can often seem overwhelming. That’s not how I do business. Let me personally assure you—we’ve been through this hundreds of times, and we take care of ALL the work!




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